Below is a small selection from over 200 various writings and publications from Dr. Flint McGlaughlin. Some of the articles have been published in journals, magazines, and other print media; others are from his personal journals. You can read more about the writings of Dr. McGlaughlin here.

So I Am Writing (I think)

Consider the metaphor by which we understand ourselves and our own existence.

The Web as a Living Laboratory

“The next CMO is going to come NOT from a television or radio background, but rather from a digital media background” The man speaking was a senior leader from one of the largest companies in the world. Their marketing budget was more than four billion dollars. And his statement, though simple enough, had profound implications. The world was changing...

On the Night of His Last Falling

[Short Story]

The poet J. V. Cunningham once observed that “…gloss demands / A gloss annexed / Till busy hands / Blot out the text…” I do not wish to add gloss to the text below. I will only mention that if you find yourself unable to understand (as I did), it may be helpful to heed the advice in the last block of verse and judge it with your body, not your mind. The work is started here below, but because of its very particular formatting, we recommend that you download the PDF version. -PC

On the Satisfaction Sought by Philosophy

[Essay - Reflection]

Who is wealthier? The man with sufficient financial resources to purchase a $1 million home, but who finds little satisfaction from occupying it, or the man with sufficient financial resources to purchase (just) a $100,000 home, but who finds great satisfaction from occupying it?

On the Difference Between Being and Becoming

[Essay - Reflection]

How can a God who is a complete being exist inside of space-time? Wouldn't the linear progression of space-time imply an incompleteness? What follows is a lyrical essay by Flint addressing these fundamental questions about God. In the process, he comes to an interesting observation on the nature of reason itself. - PC

On the Merciless, Relentless Pressing

[Short Story]

I hear a voice from the podium, "When trying to illustrate a concept with multiple images, relate the background and foreground of your thoughts to the background and foreground of the canvas. Think relative position and relative size." The voice interrupts my thoughts. It is my voice; I am teaching. Yet slowly, the voice fades...

Mr. Smith’s One True Talent


What follows is a novella. Despite it’s appearance of fiction, it is Dr. McGlaughlin's earliest expression of value proposition theory.

Justifying Isaac: Is There a Reasonable Condition wherein Isaac Might Surrender His Life?

[Essay - Academic]

The aim of this paper is strictly limited to answering the question, 'Is there a reasonable condition wherein Isaac might surrender his life to an alleged divine command?

Pieces of My Am


Undivided yet the same, my heart is more than two. How can I fix the past a whole when all I am I do? I need to make the pieces one but this defeats my will. If grace be grace, I need its taste, or else I flounder still.

I Think My Now Is Dying


It's eventide; the sun is grim. It sets upon the wake. The shadows mourn for fallen Kings, as phantoms of the rake. The cloven hoof hath trampled here and left but tears of dust. The years it claimed were fleeting gifts, a grant to hold in trust.