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Top 5 Observations from August:

On Avoiding the Semantic Tug-of-War between Truth and Word Choice

When crafting theoretical statements, you need to know the difference between an elegant choice of words and a properly accurate statement.
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On Listening While Talking

Most people stop listening when they start talking, but the greatest communicators listen even more as they talk.
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On the Difference Between Growing Old and Growing Up

Some people grow old, and some people grow up. Some people stop growing up and just age.
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On the Danger of "Vision-Casting"

"Vision-casting" is a dangerous undertaking. Once a vision is declared, it can be refined; but if it is changed too frequently and/or too radically, the leader loses his credibility and the organization loses its velocity.
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On the Priority of Achievement over Brilliance

The men remembered for their genius are not necessarily the most brilliant.
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All Observations from August

On the Value of Experience   On Marketing and the Power of Specificity
On Plans and the Necessity of Both Parts and Steps   On Honesty as the Ultimate Virtue of Being
On Naming the 4 Stages of the Inverted Funnel   On Striving for Honesty of Humility
On the Difference Between Total Rationale and Incidental Rationale   On the Natural Selfishness of Leaders
On Listening While Talking   On Speaking with Portable Precision
On Avoiding the Semantic Tug-of-War between Truth and Word Choice   On the Difference Between Growing Old and Growing Up
On the Danger of "Vision-Casting"   On Living the Truth Rather than Giving the Truth
On Social Media and the Value of Portables   On Learning to See Through the Darkness
On the Priority of Achievement over Brilliance   On the Marketer as Both Scientist and Mystic
On Differing Opinions and the Multiplication of Uncertainty  
Featured Article

His Winter Came In Spring (A Short Story)

I am here, in this water, with four candles and the tools and the books. The water, I hope, will relax my body, if not my conscience. The books are my friends – my only friends. The tools? I have but two: this pen and this razor blade. I am not really sure which to use. Either way you bleed.

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Featured Videos

263% Higher Conversion Rate: How reducing anxiety helped improve conversion rate threefold

Discovering Your Value Proposition: 6 ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Five Steps to Better Metrics

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