Below is a collection of videos that have been produced by and about Dr. Flint McGlaughlin. Most are recent recordings of his live lectures and training; some are taken from various interviews he has conducted. For more information about these videos and Dr. McGlaughlin's history in broadcast television, visit here.

What 15,000 Commercial Experiments Reveal About Why People Are Chosen

By employers, schools, voters, and even lovers.

Subject Lines that Convert

A review of 100+ successful subject lines reveals what motivates…

Category Pages that Work

Recent research reveals design changes that led to a 61.2%…

Are Letter-Style Emails Still Effective?

New research reveals how customers read emails today

Converting Free Trials to Paid Customers

How the right message at the right time generated a 68% lift in…

Does Brand Really Matter?

A recent experiment reveals how brand impacts the conversion process.

Reducing Cart Abandonment

4 main reasons why customers leave your shopping cart and how a…

Long Copy vs. Short Copy

How discovering the optimal length of a webpage produced a 220%…